Cara Memperbanyak Followers Twitter Dengan Tweetdder


Cara Memperbanyak Followers Twitter Dengan Tweetdder

Cara Memperbanyak Followers Twitter Dengan Tweetdder

Mondays are a drag, that’s why I’m giving you the chance to turn that frown upside-mother effing-down and

win a color-block-bag from the fancy flamingos behind Be & D. 

When speaking of blocking, you see, color and cock are interchangeable. Why so many colors? He may wonder. Because the runway said so, you will retort.

As it happens with giveaways, there can only be one winner, but you’re all winners in my heart. So in addition to potentially acquiring a brand spankin’ new bag, I will also bestow immeasurable knowledge

upon all of you. And money can’t buy you that shit.

Below you will find a step-by-step photo tutorial to help you master the art of successfully cockcolor blocking. Many can color block.

But can you repel while doing it? Let’s begin.

A disclaimer about these photos:

Chuck and

Naomi, the usual photo stars responsible for my images couldn’t make it over this weekend due to a bad case of the hangovers. Sue us, people. We are, after all, still in college. In any case, my other drunk friend


offered to take some photos. So she did. Night had fallen, resolution is crummy. And while taking these photos she sang dumb songs. All in all a painful experience.

Step 1:


T by Alexander Wang, shorts:

Cynthia Rowley, flats:


Find bright funky shorts that wish they were Prada. Put them on.

Step 2:



Swap out the plain old white for a punchy bright. Equipment’s spring collection offers many a successful try at emulating the Jil Sander color palette so get on it, sisters…and brothers. 

Step 3:



I got an e-mail on Friday that explained the multitude of ways I remind one devoted reader of

Jimney Cricket. Jimney Cricket, ey? 

Step 4:



…Jimney Cricket with blue feet. As you can see, sometimes I smile like an asshole.

Step 6:



, shoes:

Miu Miu

Add some sandals because if you don’t, you’re doing a disservice to your socks. Button your collar way up-top and wear a fun necklace to double as your female bow tie.

green purse:

Chanel , rings:

YSL, TomTom, bracelet:

Giles & Bros

…By golly, you’ve done it. Now we’re both deflecting weeners far and wide. No really. I know I’ve dared you to go out and try and find a date in previous outfit renditions, but this one is Offen-sive. Captial O for dramatic effect. So…I double dare you.

And now, for the giveaway.

 Sweet bag. And it can be yours!

The rules are simple.

1. Follow Be & D

on twitter.

2. Tell me you love me.

3. And then here below this post leave your

name, e-mail address, and twitter handle (if you tweet) with a short note.

Share an unusual fun fact about yourself. You know so much about me and I want to know more about you.

The winner with the weirdest knack will be announced


on twitter at 11AM. (This suggests you should probably follow me too.) I’ll show you a good time,

that’s a promise. 

Go on now, block away.

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